Stepping out on faith. . .maybe more like leaping or bounding! . . .but on faith none the less!

Well it happened. . .my husband, Daniel, was accepted to tribal missionary training school. For everyone who knows us – this came as no surprise. To me, reality has yet to fully sink in. Some days it hits me. Other days I just can’t seem to grasp it!

Who are we doing this for? The 41% of people groups who have never heard the name Jesus, most of who, don’t even have a word for Jesus in their language.

August 13th we will say our goodbye’s to Missouri and we’ll be Texas bound. Not just Texas bound, but the very southern tip of Texas bound. 18 hours from home! It’s a bittersweet feeling right now. I couldn’t be more excited to see what God has in store for us. However, I am leaving behind family, friends and my 4 legged babies as well. This is my home and I will miss it dearly but, God has an exciting adventure awaiting us and I can’t miss that!

Our first step, before leaving Missouri, is funding. If you know anything about mission work, you know how important this is. For those who are unfamiliar with mission work, we depend solely on support from our fellow Christians and churches. Missionaries don’t work a 9-5 job, we don’t punch a time clock and we don’t get a paycheck. Our work isn’t of this world, it has a deeper purpose.

Lastly and above all else, we need each of you to pray for us. Pray for us to keep our eyes fixed on God through all of this, pray for our strength & endurance, pray for support to come, pray about supporting us, pray for safe travel, pray for our family back home. . .there are so many ways we need your prayer.

If you feel led to give, please visit:
Select “BURGESS, Daniel & Lanita” on the “Gift Designation Preference” drop down menu. You have the option of a one time donation or you can choose to support us regularly.

You may also mail your donations to:
To Every Tribe
P.O. Box 1383
Wheaton Illinois 60187-1383
Be sure to include a post-it note with your donation stating it is for the Daniel & Lanita Burgess Family

Have a blessed day,



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