4% of the way there!

As mission work goes, Daniel has started preaching at churches and presenting our mission plan.

We received our first partnership June 30th. It was the first church we visited and we left in awe of God once again. The holy spirit really spoke through Daniel and you could feel His presence greatly! Though we are a long way from our goal, we are closer than seemed possible ever before. God is working we can feel it.

What we mean by partnership – We are seeking 21 churches or individuals to partner with us through regular donations for the next 2 years. After the first 2 years we will revisit our partners and let them know what our next step is, if God wills, they will commit to continuing their support. We will also be sending monthly update letters to all of our partners via email or snail mail.

Once again, the main thing we ask for is prayer. We believe prayer is one of the least used yet most powerful tools in a Christians life. Financial partners are not the only thing we seek, prayer partners are what we are seeking above all else! If you choose to be a financial partner, please also choose to be a prayer partner.

If you feel led to give, please visit:
Select “BURGESS, Daniel & Lanita” on the “Gift Designation Preference” drop down menu. You have the option of a one time donation or you can choose to support us regularly.

You may also mail your donations to:
To Every Tribe
P.O. Box 1383
Wheaton Illinois 60187-1383
Be sure to include a post-it note with your donation stating it is for the Burgess Family

Have a blessed day,



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