The time is drawing near!

In 17 days we leave Missouri! 17 days! That’s less than 3 weeks. Wow! I just knew this past month would go by slowly but, boy was I wrong! Exciting!

Now, here is our goal. We are trusting in God to lead even more churches to monthly support. We also need individual support. Per a pastors suggestion, we have broken our needed individual support down to the following levels.
We are in need of:
20 commitments of $10 per month
20 commitments of $20 per month
16 commitments of $25 per month
4 commitments of $50 per month
4 commitments of $100 per month

Please prayerfully consider supporting our mission work financially. Last Saturday was Daniel’s last day of work. That means we are now solely dependent on God’s people to support us. This was and is a HUGE step of faith for us. We understand and know that not everyone can give financially. That’s where our prayer warriors step in! We need prayer more than anything.

Donations may be made through To Every Tribes webpage by clicking here. Please be sure to select “BURGESS, Daniel and Lanita” from the drop down menu under Gift Designation Preference.
You may also mail your donations to:
To Every Tribe
P.O. Box 1383
Wheaton Illinois 60187-1383
Be sure to attach a note to your check or money order stating your donation is for the Daniel Burgess family.
Funds donated through To Every Tribe will be given directly to us every month.

Right now we are at 5% of our monthly goal. We have a few churches that will be discussing a possibility of monthly support. Please be in prayer that they will join us in this amazing journey and experience!

We also have a one time donation need. Daniel’s initial tuition payment is due by August 15th. That payment is $4584. We will then make monthly payments of $600 until the full $14,184 is paid. The sooner we pay this
off, the less the total becomes. What a blessing it would be to see God take care of this amount before Daniel starts school! If God chooses to bless us in this way, that will reduce our monthly goal from $2050 to $1450 and reduce the total tuition to $13,750!

If you cannot give monthly but, want to help financially in some way; one time donations are just as important!

Have a blessed day,


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