The journey begins

Today was our last day in Missouri. Life is changing in a amazing way! We are stepping out on a new adventure. We have no idea what lies ahead, We only know God is always by our side. We don’t know what it holds but we are stepping out with Him anyway. If we knew what was ahead and knew what we would behold, it wouldn’t be an adventure at all. The unknown is what makes the adventure just that, an adventure.

We loaded everything we are taking on a 4×6 trailer and away we go! We left so many pieces of our lives behind, our old lives. Our lives before this great adventure. We have shed many tears and had many heart aches but, Jesus is worth it all!
We stop in Central Arkansas tonight to stay with my Great Aunt. Daniel will be preaching at their church tomorrow. Then we head southwest to Houston Texas Sunday afternoon. We’ll spend 3 nights there with my cousins and Wednesday we head to and arrive at our new home for the next 2 years!

We are nervous, scared, excited and curious. We miss our families already. Daniel and I have never been this far away from family before, not even on vacation. Pray that God will give us strength to endure the homesickness, the fear of the unknown and whatever trials may lay ahead.

Pray for the families we said goodbye to in Missouri. It wasn’t easy for them to say goodbye to us. . .especially our kids! If you think a grown man won’t cry , move his grandsons 18 hours away to tribal missionary training school – heartbreaking!

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One thought on “The journey begins

  1. You are going to be missed so much, but I know you are doing what you feel is God’s will. I will pray for you daily. Love you. Deborah

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