One Week Down, A Lifetime to Go

It happened one week ago. My family and I left our last stop at family and headed to our new home and the life God has prepared for us. So, let us look at that one week. I, Daniel, got to shake hands with a man that I hold very high in the book of men I look up to and respect, Mr. David Sitton. He insisted that I not call him “sir” but my manners tell me otherwise so it will happen again out of habit I am sure. Lanita has been enjoying the kitchen and made some tasty cherry pastries to send back with the dishes that were given to us full of cookies. Easton, well lets just say in one week I have seen Easton do things he refused to do in Missouri. In Missouri for example he would not ride his bike if it was a cool 76 degrees he said it was too hot. In Mexas he rides his bike if it is 94 and the sun feels like it burns your skin in the shade. I love it, because I know that having at least 4 friends who like doing the things you do helps get you outside no matter what the temperature. Easton has also learned very quickly that having a clean room gives you plenty more time outside and so has been doing a wonderful job picking up after himself and his brother in his room. Braden, well if you know Braden you know he is a character. His personality has blossomed. He loves the train set. Everyday, he comes to me and says,”Dad, you play with me, play with train train.” He has figured out humor and will say and do things just to make himself laugh. Braden has also found the same love that his brother has and that is helping mom in the kitchen. So, God had and has great plans for the Burgess Family in South Texas.

We have had the opportunity to serve several new arrivals by helping unload their moving trucks. It is a team effort. Most of the Interns show up to help unload. Our trailer may have taken several hours to pack, but it took just twenty minutes to unload with the help of our new community. In the process of unloading we got to meet several of the interns and some of the staff. Over the last week we have had the ability to fellowship and get to know several of the families. We had The Messengers over on Monday evening, it was great to hear how God has been using the CPCP in their lives.

As for me, I have had to spend more time in front of the computer than I am used to, but, when your birth certificate is nowhere to be found, you have a new Intern checklist, and several online forms to look at and take care of I guess you put that computer time in. In five days orientation starts. It’s crazy to think that what I was trying to do two years ago, God has brought to reality for His Glory.

So, when you think of the Burgess Family, pray for us and pray about the call that God has for you.

God Bless


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