The search for a church.

As we began our search for the church we will call ours, here in Texas, I have been very apprehensive. We were very blessed to have such a God centered pastor and disciplor and mentor in Missouri. I have been fighting with myself to not be discouraged in knowing that no pastor here will compare to Bro Jamie. Last Sunday we visited a church and yes it was good but, it wasn’t what I was used to. This Sunday we went to a different church and just opening the door, a different feeling came over me. I was ok knowing that even though we may not ever find such an awesome leader as we had in Bro Jamie, God can and will still reveal himself to us in unimaginable ways. Well after the pastor began preaching he mentioned Charles Spurgeon(someone Bro Jamie greatly admires and mentioned often). I gotta admit, I thought God was just showing His sense of humor. Later he mentioned John Piper(again, Bro Jamie did this often) . .now I was leaning away from thinking God was showing His humor and wondering if God was revealing something to me. The service continued greatly and the closing song was being played. . .1/2 way through they started singing in Spanish. . .Bro Jamie speaks Spanish. . .I’m pretty sure God just proved to me that I am clueless and need to stop limiting Him. Pretty sure the Spanish singing really was just God using His humor but it did help seal the deal for me!

As I said before, we were very blessed with the pastor we had in Missouri. God used him and his family in great ways for our family. They taught us many things that we may have never learned without the experience of knowing them. They will always hold a special place in our spiritual lives and I am forever thankful to God for putting them in our path.

Please continue praying for our family as we seek God in finding a church home here.


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