Happenings in the Burgess Ministry

 Most of you know that when we left, we were praying for God to do big things in our life and to open doors along the way. The Lord has done that and so, much more. Today, Sept., 15th I spent my morning worship time at church playing bass. Why? Because God gave me the talent and our new church Word of God had an empty spot and a bass that needed to be played. I spent the last two weeks in some intensive training courses. The first week of class we spent about 5 hrs/day expositing Matthew. Last week, we had a guest instructor who taught Theology of the Heart. God has moved me and changed me closer to the image of Christ already. I am excited to someday look back and see the progress God has made in my life.

  The boys are doing great. Easton starts school tomorrow and Braden is just enjoying being 2.

I leave tomorrow for the first time to go to my teams village for the year. I am the only musician on the team and the pastor we will be working with loves to play guitar. So, I will be playing more music to praise the Lord this week, amen.

I have had the opportunity to find out that To Every Tribe would like to send as many interns as possible to PNG for the spring trip. I came here to serve where there is a need, so pray that God will raise up many interns and the funds to send them there.

Que Dios te bendiga

God Bless

Daniel E. Burgess II


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