Bound for Village R, Mexico


Keep the Village R team in your prayers. They headed out for Mexico at 9am this morning and I got word that they arrived safely a few hours later. Hurricane Ingrid put things a day behind but, God is in control! Please pray that God will use them in a way we never could imagine. I am hopeful that the flooding caused by Ingrid will open doors for them to serve. What a wonderful opportunity they are given to show God’s love, through helping in this way.

Dawn, was quite amazing to all of us wives and kiddos left behind! She fed us and our family pizza for dinner tonight! I’ve never been away from Daniel for this long and like this, no contact and no idea exactly where he is right now. So, it was a life saver not to have to fix dinner and just enjoy being with the other wives and children. As I was watching Braden sit at the table, I couldn’t help but notice how much he looks just like his daddy. I saw nothing of myself in him for that brief moment then, being himself, he dumped his sprite all over the table. . . twice. Needless to say, that’s when I saw myself. Well, hopefully he’ll outgrow his clumsiness! ha!

On another note, Easton started school Monday. Things are going great and he is doing excellent already! I am looking forward to this school year and what it has in store.

Please continue to pray for us. I am anxious to see my husband again and I can’t wait to hear how God used his team and himself in Village R.


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