Praise the Lord, What a Month

Going into this month, we didn’t really know what God had in store for us. He blessed us in so many ways in September.

I had my first trip to Mexico Sept. 17-19. It was a blessing to be able to share in the lives of those people. We arrived at 11am on Tuesday having been delayed from leaving Monday by Hurricane Ingrid and the rain that Tropical Storm Manuel had brought into Mexico. When we arrived at the Iglesia Bautista(Baptist Church), that we stay at, we walked next door to greet the Preacher and his Mother. They were very excited to see the returning members of the team and to greet the new ones(that’s me). We unpacked the truck and immediately headed to Town R where we are trying to plant a church. We met with a group of ladies in the town and had a bible study and sang a few Spanish worship songs. They were glad to have us. We then went to a restaurant and met with a couple ladies who the team started building relationships with last year. After eating, we headed back to the church. We then did a bible study with the Preacher and his mother. We are studying 1 Timothy. So, to start, we did an intro of the book. Then took turns reading through it. The next day we then gathered with a few members of the church at 7am to pray until 8am, what an awesome time. By the way, they do this EVERY morning! 🙂 We then went back to Town R where we met with the ladies from the restaurant and were at a point in our relationship that the Preacher felt we could ask if they would be willing to host a bible study in their home. God had opened the door. They said,”Yes”. We are excited to see what God is going to do this year in Town R and ask that you pray for our team.ImageImage

The Bible Study

Also, this month we made the decision to continue attending/serving at Word of God Church in Brownsville, Tx

I also have turned 24 this month and it was strange to not be able to celebrate with old friends, but God is gracious and we had a great time visiting over supper with new friends.

Please, continue to pray for our guidance, safety, and provision.

If God has led you to give please use the link at the top of the page.

Thanks and God Bless



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