American Taller Mecanico en Mexico


Wow, what a title. How do I know that I am the taller mechanic in Mexico and why would I say this. I had the privilege once again to go into Mexico and minister. What does being a taller mechanic have to do with this? I replaced the spark plugs and the valve cover gasket on the pick up of the pastor that we are working with in our town, to serve him, since the gasket was leaking and the plugs had some major carbon build-up. So, you say once again,”why does it matter that you were taller?” Well, the truth is I wasn’t taller but instead was doing the work of a mechanic shop(taller mecanico en espanol). I also spent time playing and learning spanish worship songs on mandolin. The mexicans however thought I was playing the banjo. We did our first bible study in the new house we were invited into and it was great. The ladies had invited friends and all of them were ready to engage and be engaged in learning what was being taught. Thank you God and church for sending me to be able to serve the Kingdom in this way.

 Well, training, what can I say it consumes my day from 9-4:30 and I enjoy it a lot. I have been filled to the point of exploding on many days and somehow God renews me the next day and I can be filled again. Over, the past week I have been going through questions on a worksheet that assist in exposition of a text. This is to train us to prepare sermons/lessons that are not only accurate textually, but also contextually. Since, being here I have also learned that God has given each of us our own learning style. Mine as many of you might guess is “Doing”(kinesthetic). This learning style struggles with lecture type settings, so I looked at ways to engage(do) while sitting in a lecture and you would never believe it, but God has created ways for doers to get through lectures also. I do ask that you would pray for me as I am learning so much and that I would always keep worship and praise to God ahead of academics.

 I am sure you all are curious about Lanita, Easton, and Braden. They are all doing well. Braden has started pedaling his bicycle, Easton is looking forward to his birthday, and Lanita is exercising her right to sew. She has been doing repairs and creations for several of the other trainees.

Please, pray for our support we are at 15% of our needed monthly support.

God Bless,



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