Whoa! Oaxaca (wa-ha-ca)

Do you ever have that feeling where you realize how great God is and how truly useless you are without Him? That is exactly how I felt preparing for and since our trip to an unreached village in Oaxaca. Let me start at the beginning.
I had plans to go to PNG this spring, but God kept His plan and sent me to Oaxaca. We spent at least a month praying as a team for God to do great things in this village. We were told about the people, that they didn’t have the Bible in their language, and they were know for being “hard”(I put it in quotations because God is the hardener and softener of all peoples). We prayed that God would direct our travels, give us strength to declare Him boldly, to soften the hearts of the people, to give us unity to represent the Trinity’s unity well, and for our long term missionaries to be able to see God’s callings for them among these people. One thing I think we all prayed in tears many times is for the Word of God (the New Testament) we were delivering in their language written and audio.
We left on Monday the 24th of February. Hugging and kissing our families bye. On both sides going and staying we all knew we had to turn to Christ to care for our families. Riding in a three vehicle caravan doesn’t sound like fun, but just as we had prayed God began answering our call for unity. We stopped at a small town over halfway down and stayed the night. For supper well I had traditional Mexican from a small little shop. It was a blessing to give this couple business and it allowed interaction with a woman and her physically disabled daughter. Another prayer being answered, divine appointments. We arose early the next morning to praise the Lord and began the last day of travel to Oaxaca. We began to get into more mountainous terrain and verses started coming to our minds. It was a great time remembering what God has said. We arrived Tuesday evening to Oaxaca. Wednesday we met up with our long-term mission team and the team we would be working with in the mountains. We enjoyed fellowshipping and worshipping together. One evening in particular we spent time listening to a man and wife who had spent most their life as missionaries. A thought that was stressed heavily was learning in depth the language and culture of the people you are serving. God is constantly reminding us of this truth. We left for the mountains on Friday. After the I believe six hour drive, four of which was on a little gravel road high up on the side of a mountain, we arrived. Along the way we had a vehicle die. Thanks to my handy dandy leatherman and an old bald car enthusiast we were back in action. After arriving we began set up for the dental and medical clinic. I forgot to mention in the giving of task that I was assigned to dental equipment sterilization (anyone who knows me knows that as soon as I heard this I was sick) I prayed hard to be able to serve well in this position. We opened the clinic Saturday morning and praise the Lord I didn’t get sick once while serving my position. I also spent time serving in the kitchen, playing with the kids, and playing music.
Let me tell you now about what God was doing. We played the Bible in their language and had a New Testament in their language available. These people hadn’t seen their language written, let alone bound in a book. One man after listening for a short period was having a conversation and the man said to him when I hear the Bible it goes in one ear and out the other, the man respond that is like the parable of the sower. Relating God’s Word to life after a short time. Another man sat everyday listening to the Bible as it was played and following along after just a time of seeing his language written. A girl and many others smiled for a very long time as they listened to God’s word in their language for the first time. She even had a missionary put the book of Mark on a drive for her to listen to at home. The next day she exclaimed “Can I have more, I have listened to Mark all the way last night!” Let me just exclaim GOD IS GREAT and has answered all our prayers more abundantly than we could ask.
Please Pray: God would open hearts and eyes to His saving grace, that there would continue to be interest in the Word, and that our long term team would be able to minister to this group of people as they learn and grow in the Word.
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God Bless
Daniel E. Burgess


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