Once again – I stand in awe!

There is no way I could ever put into words the overwhelming display of Christ’s love that has been poured out on us these past few weeks. But, I’m going to attempt to give you a small taste. To start off – if you did not read our last blog post – you should read it. Go ahead, it’s right here, I’ll wait! 🙂




Did you read it? Great! That was only the beginning of a string of amazing events that God has blessed us with. While Daniel was in Mexico, he told me what you just read about. I was so happy for him, his team and for the family who was blessed by the power of prayer. I mean, put yourself in there shoes – what an awesome testimony they now have! At this point it was exactly what I needed to hear. I needed to hear how God was working. I needed a pick-me up. I was quite down about an upcoming ladies trip that I was not going to be able to attend. The ladies here at the CPCP, (staff, trainees and wives) were planning a trip into Progreso Mexico on April 14th. Due to a lack of finances, I had never been able to apply for my passport so, I had to say no to the trip. I was very disappointed. The very next day, a friend of mine(a trainees wife, so someone who also lives on support) came to my door and said she wasn’t sure how to say this but – she wanted me to go on the trip and she wanted to get my passport for me. She said God had blessed them this year and they wanted to pass that blessing on to us. So, because of her, I was able to take my 1st trip out of the USA. What a blessing! And I took that trip with some amazing ladies!

Taqueria - Progreso

My first 100% Mexican food. Let me just tell you – if you have never eaten at an Mexican Taquería, you have not eaten Mexican. No matter what the sign says. I had no clue it was nothing like the food we get at Mexican restaurants back home.

Progreso with jess, em and rach


Obviously, I have never been to the town in Mexico that Daniel visits every month. Since the beginning of our training year, I have heard his stories and seen his pictures of his monthly trips. I enjoy him telling me about those trips very much but, I have had a strong desire to meet these people he talks of so often and see this place he visits regularly. But, it just hadn’t been possible. Next month, Lord willing, I will be going with him! A amazing friend has offered to watch my wild crazy boys that week so that I can go. I am beyond excited!

As you know our support level is low. We still stand at 29% funded. Last month, God chose to bless us in amazing ways financially. Our church in Missouri and Texas both greatly multiplied their regular donations this one time, thanks to special donations and offerings. So, this month, we were able to catch up on everything and stock up on groceries! A huge blessing!

On April 19th Daniel and I were going to bed and I saw I had a Facebook notification on my phone so I decided to check it before going to sleep. I had no idea that it was yet another blessing – A cold water challenge with Daniel and I as their chosen organization. A few days later another cold water challenge for us! Amazing! 🙂

A few days ago Daniel read an email to me that a man and his wife had put a generous donation into our account. I was speechless. This is a man Daniel has looked up to for years. I could never explain the feeling I had. To think that they thought of us and chose to support us – there just are not words to express my what my heart felt. Again, they are fellow missionaries also on support. They are a great blessing to us by sharing their blessing with us.

I could go on about other amazing ways God has blessed us these past few weeks – everything from a new church youth pastor back home telling their youth about us so they can donate and be in prayer to someone leaving an envelope of money in our car.  But, I think I’ve made it quite obvious that God is very much at work here.

So, why share all this with you? Yeah it’s great and all but why did I think you needed to hear all these things? Well, this is the strength and power of your prayers. This is a something you are a part of. This is the ministry that exists because you pray for and support us. God is using each and every one of you as an amazing tool in His hand and we are forever thankful for your willingness to open your heart to God and His great work.

Now, I just want to share a few pictures with you of our Resurrection Day holiday. 🙂


Daniel came home from class early on Good Friday and said, better get ready, we gotta be at Isla Blanca beach at noon to finish class. Obviously I did not object! 😉


Hunting cascarones at a friends house.


Hunting cascarones at a friends house.


No fiesta is complete without a giant piñata!


No fiesta is complete without a giant piñata!



2 thoughts on “Once again – I stand in awe!

  1. YEESSSSS! Thank you for sharing, Lanita. THIS IS WHY WE EXIST… TO DO THE WORK OF EXPANDING THE KINGDOM OF OUR LORD! It should never surprise us that He continually provides for those who are committed to His purposes. Yet, to see Him at work in such a personal way, blessing us and ministering to us is astounding! Someday, we will all gather TOGETHER around His throne, every nation, every tribe and every tongue. He is worthy of nothing less. Love you sister!!!

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