Final Mexico trip of the training year

Tuesday afternoon bible study

One of the bible studies in Mexico. After this study, the family whose home we were in, fed us. They were the best tamales I have ever tasted! Muy rico!!

This week was the 9th and final monthly trip into northern Mexico for this training year. It was the first trip I (Lanita) had ever gone on. It was an amazing blessing! I am so thankful for the wonderful friend who watched my boys so that I could go. I’ve always looked at pictures of Daniel’s trips and heard his stories but, experiencing the trip myself was unexplainable. I met the people I have been hearing stories about since September. I saw the town I had seen in pictures and the church Daniel slept in every night while he was gone. It made the stories he told me and the things he has shared, more personal.

Monday, when we arrived, I met our host family and had a wonderful time getting to know them.

Tuesday, we had lunch at a restaurant that 2 ladies run who have a bible study with us in their home on Wednesday.


BEST. TACOS. EVER! Those ladies KNOW how to cook!

Then we had a short visit and bible story with a couple the team has been praying for and witnessing to for a few months. Then back to the host church for another wonderful homemade meal.

Wednesday we had Irma’s gorditas and taquito’s for breakfast, then spent part of the afternoon at a families home. We sang a few songs, had a bible study then had the best tamales ever! (Seriously, we had the best tacos ever on Tuesday and the best tamales ever on Wednesday. Mexican women can cook!) Since leaving there, I haven’t been able to get the family off my mind. They were very poor and lived in a very small run down home, but, they were happy. In America, we can’t comprehend living with only an outdoor bathroom in a 3 room house with 5 people. In America- “that isn’t possible, that’s not enough to survive, that house should be torn down, their children deserve a better home”. But, in reality, it is just the opposite. They have everything they need. They have Christ. They don’t mind walking out the door to use the restroom, they don’t mind cooking outdoors to keep from overheating the house that has no a/c, they don’t mind having no telephone or internet. They live a simple life and they are happy. Then I come home and I have air conditioning, an indoor bathroom 2 steps from my living room, an indoor kitchen to cook in, access to a washer and dryer, a nice warm shower, netflix on my TV, a fridge and cabinets full of food, wireless internet. . . the list could go on. How can I say I need. . .anything? My heart hurts for them but I realize they have something most American Christians do not; contentment and joy in Christ. They work hard and had very little but they shared with us. Have you ever made tamales? It isn’t a small task. She made enough to feed the 11 of us then her family of 5 and there were just as many left over as we ate. And she was excited to do it. It made me feel small. Would I be willing to spend all day in the heat outdoors fixing food for 16 people (11 of which I do not or barely know) while living well below poverty? Would I be willing to sacrifice my limited food for people, if I were in their shoes? They showed us true Christian love and left me in awe. I thank God for bringing them into my life and I pray I see them again soon. After leaving their home we headed back to the church then out again for another bible study. Were they fed us, again. (3rd meal of the day already) Then we go back to the church to rest then out again for visiting with another family in VH. Where they fed us AGAIN! I don’t think any of us wanted to see anymore food for quite a while! ha!

Thursday we had our regular prayer time and then packed up to head home.

I can never say thank you enough to the friend of mine who watched my boys to allow me to go. She will always have a very special place in my heart for many reasons. Please say a special prayer for her, she deserves a HUGE blessing 🙂

Praise points:

1. The women’s bible study at the church in VH is growing!

2. I was able to share a small bit of my testimony at a bible study we had in Village R.

3. We were told of more possible contacts in Village R for next year.


Prayer requests:

1. Please pray for us as we strive to learn to speak Spanish, fluently. Our goal is to go next year without a translator. The language barrier makes witnessing and sharing very hard. Although our translator was great, we hope he isn’t needed next year!

2. God is working in Village R in great ways! I already knew he was at work there but seeing it first hand blew me away! Please pray this work grows and that the seeds that have been planted, grow.

3. Pray for our host church in VH. For the money to come in to build the children’s class rooms they desperately need. For the women’s bible study to grow. For the men of the church to become an encouragement to the Pastor and for qualified elders to come.

4. Pray for VH. The city needs prayers, lots of crime there. Pray for safety of the Christians there as they reach out to their city to tell them of our amazing God!


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