We head for Missouri Thursday. Excited to see friends and family but not looking forward to the long drive with 2 kids ha!

As I begin to pack I think to myself – I don’t know that I will ever fully grasp the reality that is our life now. Growing up, I saw missionaries speak many times. I was always in awe of what they were doing and amazed by their devotion to Christ. I would listen to their mission stories intently and think “Wow, they really love God. I don’t know how they do it, I will never be that bold. They must be like super special or something!” At church yesterday Pastor Desi talked about that. Ephesians 1:19-20 tells us that the same power that is in those people that we stand in awe of their boldness for Christ, that power dwells in us, in all who personally know Him. I feel so unqualified to be that missionary wife I used to look up to, I feel so unworthy to have the privilege of standing by my husband with our sons, taking His word to the unreached. God truly can do an awesome work in anyone He chooses!

Praise points this month:
·God provided funding so that we were able to fix the air conditioner in our car, get brand new tires and an alignment before our 2200 mile trip to Missouri and back.
·We met with a new couple this week who have begun praying for us and supported us.
·Some of my family was able to visit this month and spend some much needed time together.

Prayer points this month:
·Pray for safe travels to and from Missouri as well as between churches while there and on the way.
·Pray for the hearts of those Daniel will be speaking to next month to be impacted by the great work God is doing in Mexico and in our lives.
·Pray for funding, we are currently at 30%.


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