Missouri We Are Here!

What a time of travel. New friends to stay with in Sherman, Tx, a wedding in Siloam Springs, Ar, and a call to fill in for a pastor in Bunker, Mo before we even made it to Missouri. We made it to Missouri on the 29th. I (Daniel) preached on the 29th and then we began visiting with my family. We spent some time camping for the 4th of July. While there I had the opportunity to do some bouldering/rock climbing, catch a snake and a water turtle, use my survival training to make fire and shelter, and make some TASTY BBQ pork steaks. The boys walked with Gma, played in the hammock, enjoyed swimming, caught tadpoles and crawdads. This past Sunday I presented our mission work at First Baptist Potosi and First Baptist Bunker. The Lord has been blessing our time here and we have been able to share our work with many people already. This week we are spending time at Lanita’s Grandma  Blounts. This Sunday I will be at Stony Point and Unity near Potosi.

Please Pray:

That the Lord will continue to bless our time

That we will be able to effectively communicate the work we are doing

We will be examples and representatives of Gospel Oriented living

That we would be able to encourage our friends and family


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