Home Sweet Home and the Start of a Great Year

I thank all the churches that allowed us to share about the work the Lord is doing. After being gone around six weeks we were happy and praising the Lord that we could sleep in our own beds. However, It was great to see everyone and be encouraged by all the prayer. While sharing this summer the Lord blessed us with several new supporters and a new car. We saw the Lord working in so many ways in thirteen different churches and two church camps. Let me assure you that Christ is alive and the Spirit is working. 

Since returning training has resumed and we are back at it once again. I (Daniel) studied 1 Thessalonians this past week and enjoyed learning alongside new trainees who are quickly becoming friends. I also started working through Romans with the youth group at Word of God (our church in Brownsville). I have spent several hours learning about and praying with my new Mexico teammates. I am truly encouraged by their testimonies and ready to spend time serving the Lord alongside them.

As we begin this year we are seeking to communicate well with our supporters and those interested in our ministry. You can now click the link on the right-side of our blog or right here (Subscribe to Our Newsletter) and sign up to receive our newsletter it will hopefully come out every month and contain more detail and photos than our blog. Our newsletter is also where we will be communicating about whats coming up next for The Burgess Family.

Thanks and may God Bless each of you.


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