As I (Lanita) type this, Daniel is about 1200 miles away in the mountains of Oaxaca Mexico. He left Monday March 2nd and, Lord willing, will be home March 14th.

A little over a year ago, Daniel had the opportunity of seeing God work in a village in unimaginable ways. He was able to see a people, not only hear their language through an audio recording for the first time, but see their language written down for the first time. The first time they have ever seen their written language or heard it through speakers and it’s the Word of God.

Here in America we take so many things for granted. We can go anywhere and see our language everywhere, on everything. Both along the way and when we get there. Billboards, magazines, packaging, labels, flyers, books, buildings, street signs. . . it’s on nearly everything. Rarely, if ever, do we really think about this though. Imagine if everywhere you went, things were in a different language. If you had no choice but to learn a second language just to thrive in your own native country. How would we feel if people told us our language was no good, useless and unnecessary? It’d be hard. It happened to U.S. native americans and now their languages are rare, some of them even dead. It’s no different for these Mexican native americans.

Now imagine if someone came to you with your language and told you it was beautiful and wanted to share something amazing with you. What if you had never heard of Jesus, and His story was the first you’d ever read. Imagine learning to read your language by following along in a bible listening to it recorded. It’s so hard for me to fathom the wonder, excitement and curiosity that ran through their minds as they heard the story of Christ.

As Daniel is now back in this village, I continue to pray they saw the love of Christ through the dedication of the people who translated the new testament into their language. I pray they saw His love in the team putting forth an effort to restore confidence in their language. I pray they saw Christ in knowing someone spent 20 years on their language just to bring them this bible. I pray they know Christ loves them and I pray many of them have spent time learning to read the bible, and most importantly I pray they have come to start a personal relationship with him through this. I am anxious to hear Daniel’s stories, when He returns home, about how God has been at work. Please pray with me, for these people to see the wonder, love and amazing grace that is our Lord and Savior!

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