Moving through the chapters

The chapter begins late in the year 2011, when God allowed me (Daniel) to meet, Jamie Haguewood. I remember thinking this man does something with scripture that I have not seen anyone else do, I must learn what it is(preaching exegetically). After this thought, I had to meet with Mr. Haguewood to discuss church membership. As we closed out our conversation he said, “Do you feel called to ministry?”. I responded with a “Yes”, having had missions put on my heart the day the Lord saved me. Moving on from that day Jamie began teaching, watching my life, and mentoring me. When we had spent much time and I had grown in the Word, he began encouraging me to be trained to go into missions. The Lord confirmed this in my own heart through His word and knowing that, if I were to teach others, I myself must be trained. My family and I were accepted to the Center for Pioneer Church Planting and moved to Los Fresnos, Tx in late summer 2013 to begin our two years of training. I was staring at a chapter filled with enough theology and missiology packed into it, I didn’t know if I would make it to the other side.

Now, I stand staring at the conclusion paragraph with only three training weeks left. In the last three months I’ve spent almost as much time in Mexico as I have the U.S.. Some of those days spent in Oaxaca working with our friends there. We went to village SJQ, where I had been to take the Bible last year. I had been praying for a young man in the village. What a story I got when we made it to the village. The work God had done in our absence was incredible and a great cause to worship. Christ hearing and answering our/your prayers had saved a young man by having saved a man who was listening to a Guatemalan Christian radio broadcast, who because of his beliefs was required to open the door of the catholic church as a sort of punishment, and it was there that a staggering young man came looking for help. Being wise the older man said to the younger “Come with me, I can help you.” He shared the Gospel with the young man who quickly believed. The younger man had been baptized one week before we arrived in March. This story is only one small glimpse at the work God is doing to make His name known to the nations and to glorify Himself.

As this chapter closes the Lord is already at work, going before us to prepare the way in the next chapter that He has chosen to glorify Himself in. We, so to speak, have glanced at the preface of the chapter and are excited about what is ahead.

Pray that the Lord would lead us to the supporters He has for us that we would be able to raise our funds and get to the field quickly. Please continue to pray for us to remain strong in the Word and to grow in Christ.

The young man who I had been praying for

The young man I had been praying for

Jude 2- May mercy and peace and love be multiplied to you.


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