Burgess Family Ministry Update

A roadside view of a mountain in western Ireland

We completed our training at the end of May and then had our celebration the first week of June. We have some important and encouraging news to share. We have been appointed by To Every Tribe to pursue missions in West Ireland. Although, some may have seen or heard already from the June To Every Tribe update, Here.

What does this mean? It means that our family will be moving to Ireland. To Every Tribe has made a partnership with a ministry in Ireland that has agreed to have us to serve with them during our first term as we learn language and culture. This will be a great opportunity to serve beside a man who has experience planting churches in Ireland and to have people who are brothers and sisters in Christ that have cultural insight.

When? We do not have an exact date. A man makes his plans and the Lord directs his steps. We do have a target date. Lord willing, we hope to move over in March 2016. We see this as a good target date because it would allow us some time to get settled in Ireland, culturally, emotionally, and just being able to find the grocery store and buy toilet paper. All of this before summer comes, which we hear will be one of the best times to make friends because the Irish are out more. Before the move we will have time to continue to grow our relationship with our sending church Word of God in Brownsville, Tx as they seek to serve us best when we are in the field. We also will have time to raise the rest of our field support needed and to be able to spend the Thanksgiving/Christmas season with our family in Missouri. This date also gives Lanita and I time to raise funds and take a week trip to Ireland, so we can meet with our partners and learn more about Ireland and how what the Lord is doing through us fits with what He is already doing in this dark country. If you would be interested in supporting this trip please send me an email, address below.

Why, Ireland? This thought may have crossed your mind while reading. First, the Word says go. Second, the Lord burdened our hearts for this country. If, the first two are not enough then here’s a Third, this country has less than one percent of evangelicals and out of those churches many of them hold to the prosperity gospel or an unbiblical theology. Ultimately, we are going to plant churches in the west of Ireland to glorify our great God and call the Irish to do the same.

We invite you to be a part of what Christ is doing. Pray, check our blog homepage, we will be adding a prayer link where you will be able to find what we are currently in need of prayer for. Send us encouragement, we have Facebook, email, and text. Support us financially, as we prepare for the field we will need an increase in support, Support the Burgess Family

Daniel E. Burgess II



Lanita A. Burgess


lanita.burgess@toeverytribe.org Painting of the Dunbrody Famine Ship in New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland


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