Burgess Family Update- End of Summer

A Sunset in Galway

As summertime winds down, although you wouldn’t know it by the temperatures here in the Rio Grande Valley, we are preparing for our schedule changes. I (Daniel) will be preaching/teaching Wednesday chapels at the Faith Christian Academy. I will continue to teach the Word of God youth on Wednesday nights and will be planning our fall/winter support raising trip(We will be in Missouri from November through December). Lanita and the boys are getting geared up for the school year. Easton has been reading small chapter books and will be starting his third-grade curriculum. Braden has been showing off his letter, number, and word recognition skills and he will be starting kindergarten curriculum. As a family we have begun reading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. We recently finished The Magician’s Nephew, what a great read!

We are also getting excited as September gets closer. We are ready to see what the Lord is preparing for us in Ireland, but more importantly we are ready to see how the Lord is going to use us to glorify Himself. As it looks right now we will probably be in a couple different regions of Ireland as we discuss ministry with brothers and sisters there and visit the area that the Lord has burdened our hearts, to give our life to(Galway). Here’s the initial post about our trip in September: Ireland

Praise the Lord, He has blessed us with 41% of our September trip funds! You can support the trip by clicking HERE and marking the donation as OUTGOING.

We are thankful to the Lord for the ministry partners that He has given us! (That’s you who pray and support us financially.THANKS!)